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Jogo Tutorial

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The Jogo tutorial is a guide for programmers who want to use the Jogo programming language to develop applications. The first section, "Getting started," explains how to download Jogo and compile your first Jogo program. "The basics" explains the Jogo programming language syntax. The last section walks through programming a simple sprite-based game.

Getting started

  1. What is Jogo?
  2. Getting Started: Windows
  3. Getting Started: OS X
  4. Getting Started: Linux

The basics

  1. Variables and Literals
  2. Arrays, Lists, and Maps
  3. Control Statements
  4. Functions and Closures
  5. Classes, Methods, and Attributes
  6. Operators and Hook Methods
  7. Value-types vs. Reference-types
  8. Interfaces
  9. Parametric Polymorphism
  10. Coroutines
  11. Any Type

Game development

  1. Displaying a Window
  2. Sprites
  3. Model-View-Actor (Controller)
  4. Actors and Coroutines
  5. Sound
  6. OpenGL
  7. Renderers
  8. Networking
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