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dist: xenial
language: node_js
- curl -O
- chmod +x
- sudo ./
- curl -LO
- gunzip lumo_linux64.gz
- chmod +x lumo_linux64
- sudo mv lumo_linux64 /usr/local/bin/lumo
- sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:mfikes/planck
- sudo apt-get update -y
- sudo apt-get install -y planck
- if [[ $CANARY_CLOJURESCRIPT_REPO && ${CANARY_CLOJURESCRIPT_REPO-x} ]]; then DEPS="{:deps {org.clojure/clojurescript {:git/url \"${CANARY_CLOJURESCRIPT_REPO}\" :sha \"${CANARY_CLOJURESCRIPT_REV}\"}}}"; fi
- clojure -Sdeps "${DEPS:-{}}" -A:test
- clojure -Sdeps "${DEPS:-{}}" -A:test -c '{:optimizations :advanced :infer-externs true}'
- clojure -Sdeps "${DEPS:-{}}" -A:test -x lumo
- clojure -Sdeps "${DEPS:-{}}" -A:test -x planck
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