A .NET wrapper for Vimeo API v3.0
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A .NET 4.5/.NET Standard 1.3 wrapper for Vimeo API v3.0. Provides asynchronous API operations.


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  • Account Authentication (OAuth2)
  • Account information retrieval
  • Account video and video list retrieval
  • User information retrieval
  • User video and video list retrieval
  • Chunked video upload with retry capability
  • Video metadata update


/me/information Complete? API Method
Get user information ✔️ GetAccountInformationAsync()
Edit user information ✔️ UpdateAccountInformationAsync()
Get a list of a user's Albums. ✔️ GetAccountAlbumsAsync()
Create an Album. ✔️ CreateAlbumAsync()
Get info on an Album. ✔️ GetAlbumAsync()
Edit an Album. ✔️ UpdateAlbumAsync()
Delete an Album. ✔️ DeleteAlbumAsync
Get the list of videos in an Album. ✔️ GetAlbumVideosAsync()
Check if an Album contains a video. ✔️ GetAlbumVideoAsync()
Add a video to an Album. ✔️ AddToAlbumAsync()
Remove a video from an Album. ✔️ RemoveFromAlbumAsync()
Get a list of videos uploaded by a user. ✔️ GetVideosAsync()
Begin the video upload process. ✔️ GetUploadTicketAsync()
Check if a user owns a clip. ✔️ GetUserVideo()


API 3 Guide
API 3 Endpoints