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# Skeleton for an Add-on in Firefox on Android
-This code supplies the basic bits and pieces needed to build a simple,
-restartless add-on for Firefox on Android, which uses a native widget UI.
-Since Firefox on Android does not use XUL for the UI, building an add-on is a
-little different than building an add-on for desktop Firefox.
-For more information about building mobile add-ons, please see:
-## Using the Skeleton
-Step 1: Edit the `install.rdf`
- * Please change the ALL CAPS areas with text specific to your add-on.
-Step 2: Add code to `bootstrap.js`
- * The current code adds some menus, doorhangers and context menus that don't do very much right now.
-Step 3: Edit `build`
- * Update this file to specify a file name for your XPI, as well which version of Firefox you want to use to test the XPI file.
-Step 4: Run `./build`
- * This creates the XPI and optionally pushes it to your device. You must have [adb]( installed for the push step to work.
-## Using volo
-You can use [volo]( to quickly bootstrap your add-on from this template.
-volo requires [node]( to run. To install volo:
- npm install -g volo
-After installing volo, to create a new directory for your add-on, run:
- volo create youraddon
-This will create a new directory `youraddon`, which holds all the files for your add-on.
+This repo is deprecated! Please use the canoncial hub boilerplate repo located here:

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