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Basic restartless add-on for Firefox on Android
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Skeleton for an Add-on in Firefox on Android

This code supplies the basic bits and pieces needed to build a simple,
restartless add-on for Firefox on Android, which uses a new native widget UI.
Since Firefox on Android does not use XUL for the UI, building an add-on is a
little different.

For more information about building mobile add-ons, please see:

Using the Skeleton

Step 1: Edit the install.rdf
  * Please change the ALL CAPS areas with text specific to your add-on

Step 2: Add code to bootstrap.js
  * The current code adds some menus, doorhangers and context menus that don't
    do very much right now.

Step 3: Edit
  * If you add any additional files, make sure you add them to
    See for more details

Step 4: run ./
  * This creates the XPI
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