A set of programs and utilities for generating and manipulating data files in TSV (tab-separated value) or JSON format.
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db is a set of utilities for munging and querying data files in TSV (tab-separated value) or JSON format. The utilities are designed such that complex data processing tasks can be accomplished using idomatic constructs such as SQL queries and shell pipes.


You can either build and install an Ubuntu .deb package or install from source using the make command. Both methods have been tested on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64.

  1. Download and extract the source tree.
  2. Install libpcap and libpcap development files (libpcap-dev on Ubuntu).

Ubuntu Package

Build and install an Ubuntu .deb package:

$ make deb
$ sudo dpkg -i ../db_*.deb
$ sudo apt-get -f install

To remove the package:

$ sudo apt-get remove db


Install Python 2.7, python-dateutil, python-pyparsing, python-configobj, python-flufl.lock, sqlite3 and nodejs. Then:

$ make
$ sudo make install

To remove all files and directories created by make install:

$ sudo make uninstall

File Formats

The db utilities support two data file formats: TSV and JSON.


A header followed by TSV data records (one per line). Values may not contain tabs.

Header Format


COLNAME should be a short, meaningful, alphanumeric string.

COLTYPE must be one of {str, int, real}.


#db	src:str	dst:str


JSON records, one per line. The records need not have a fixed schema.



The following utilities are provided in the db package.

File Purpose
catmux Used by dbcat and jsoncat (don't use directly)
db2json Convert db data to JSON
db2sqlite Import db data into an sqlite3 database
dbcat Concatenate or multiplex db data files
dbfilter-cidr Filter records using column-based include/exclude CIDR rules
dbsort Sort records by column name using *nix sort
dbsplit Split/partition a stream into multiple output streams
dbsqawk Query db records using SQL compiled to awk
dbstrip Strip the #db header
jsoncat Concatenate or multiplex JSON data files
jsonsort Sort records by field name using *nix sort
jsonsplit Split/partition a JSON stream into multiple output streams
jsonsql Query JSON records using SQL compiled to JavaScript
mux Used by dbcat and jsoncat (don't use directly)
timefind Program for identifying data files overlapping a time period


The following libraries are included in the source tree.

Library Purpose
cdb C functions for reading/parsing #db headers
db Python functions for reading/parsing #db headers
godb Go functions for reading/parsing #db headers
libcidr C library for dealing with CIDRs
netacl C library for IP filtering


Copyright © 2015, Los Alamos National Security, LLC.

This software is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more information.