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Moonsweeper — A minesweeper clone, on a moon with aliens, in PyQt.

Explore the mysterious moon of Q'tee without getting too close to the alien natives!

Moonsweeper is a single-player puzzle video game. The objective of the game is to explore the area around your landed space rocket, without coming too close to the deadly B'ug aliens. Your trusty tricounter will tell you the number of B'ugs in the vicinity.


This a simple single-player exploration game modelled on Minesweeper where you must reveal all the tiles without hitting hidden mines. This implementation uses custom QWidget objects for the tiles, which individually hold their state as mines, status and the adjacent count of mines. In this version, the mines are replaced with alien bugs (B'ug) but they could just as easily be anything else.


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Code notes

Cheating the first turn

In many Minesweeper variants the initial turn is considered a free go — if you hit a mine on the first click, it is moved somewhere else. Here we cheat a little bit by taking the first go for the player, ensuring that it is on a non-mine spot. This allows us not to worry about the bad first move which would require us to recalculate the adjacencies. We can explain this away as the "initial exploration around the rocket" and make it sound completely sensible.

Other licenses

Icons used in the application are by Yusuke Kamiyaman.