Automatically run IPython notebooks against new data using file triggers returning new-rendered output.
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A Qt-based automator for IPython notebooks. Attached triggers to files and folders and automatically run notebooks on file changes, or run a IPython notebook on a timer.

A dictionary of variables describing the current state is passed to the script (variable qtipy) and can be read to direct script output to particular folders. Watching a folder optionally allows iterating over all the files in a folder, which are also in passed to the script for processing.

QtIPy therefore allows you to automatically process data files, generate figures, etc. without lifting a finger.

Automator sets and be saved and loaded for future use.



QtIPy requires PyQt5. Compatible with both Python2.7 and Python3.4.

Best installed via PyPi:

pip install qtipy

Then from a command line run:


For Mac users a launcher .app is available for download from here. Install as above, then download the .app and drag to your dock. Click to launch QtIPy!

Backend running is based on