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GtkRadiant 1.6 aka ZeroRadiant
[Legend: + = new, * = changed, - = removed]
day month year, GtkRadiant 1.6.x
* Fix snapshots always being truncated to zero length .
+ [Windows Vista/W7] Disable desktop composition
Should fix issue #30; this is a port from NetRadiant rev. 311 .
* Lift undo limits:
Before: max undo = 64, default = 30; max undo memory = 2MB
After: max undo = 2048, default = 1024; max undo memory = 16MB
* Fix some torn off menus loosing their bindings in their label (functionality
was still there)
+ Add undo protection to texture rotation, scaling and shifting
+ Patches by AEon:
+ Added CTRL-SHIFT cursor keys to shift and CTRL-SHIFT PageUp/PageDown to
rotate textures always by one grid unit
+ Added Support to numeric keypad keys for changing the grid
* Possible fix for ghostet out "Misc / Select Entity Color..." menu
* [Windows] Fixed redundant empty lines in commandlist.txt
+ Always mark a map as modified after an undo-able action
has been recorded (instead of starting to cluttering the
whole code with explicit calls to do that).
* Disable color scaling when changing entity color from color chooser.
Previously, the RGB colors were always normalized to
the highest value of one of the RGB color values.
+ Clear undo history when loading or creating a new map.
* Don't clear undo history when opening preference dialog
Previously the undo history was completely trashed *always*.
Now we only trash it if the undo buffer actually changes
*and* is less than the current number of undo levels in the
+ Added ability to undo the following operations:
- nudge any selection
- Entities dialog:
- changing entity clas
- changing key/val
- deleting key/val
- reset entity
- changing to preset angle
+ Sync main window title with undo/redo and on disk saved states
Previously this was never really in sync. After saving a map,
doing undo/redo operation still marked the map as being modified
although it matched the last saved state on disk.
* Fix undo loosing entities.
If you moved a fixedsize entity (e.g. light, ammo, etc.) and undo'd the
operation, only the brush used for interacting was undo'd, not the entity
itself, it remained in its original position. Reported by Rambetter.
+ [Linux] Re-worked File Open dialog, use GtkFileChooserDialog,
add file filters.
* Fix crash when loading or importing maps from files without extension.
+ Textool plugin: texture dialog can now be resized, mouse wheel
supports zooming.
+ Ported from 1.5: Alternative algorithm to draw the grid.
Major and minor grid steps are now differently drawn on lower zoom levels too.
Doesn't play nice with the "Q3Radiant Original" theme.
Is off by default, enable in preferences (2D Display/Rendering).
* [Windows] Fix and enable gtkgensurf plugin.
* [Windows] Enable PrtView plugin.
* [Windows] Enable ufoai plugin.
* [Windows] Enable hydratoolz, fix and enable vfswad
* [Windows] Enable spritemodel plguin.
* [Windows] Fix and enable bobtoolz plugin.
* [Windows] Fix and enable textool plugin.
* Fix crashes in textool plugin
* [Windows] Enable bkgrnd2d plugin.
* [Linux] Fix loading of models with upper case letters in path name
This is an intrinsic change and probably affects all file loading
paths. This change also leads to mixed case letters now showing up
in a model entity path name. Reported by Rambetter.
* [Linux] Fix crash and data loss when saving shader, reported by Rambetter.
* Fix crash in model plugin when shut down or loading new map.
* Fix race condition crash: cannot open prefs when no game is selected.
+ Add Undo/Redo to toolbar
+ Add pref for specifying a pango font string for the font used in the ortho
and texture browser view. The config key is "GlFont", the string needs to be
a format pango can parse.
Example: "Arial 10". If the given font descriptor can't be resolved, the
application reverts to the default "courier 8"
Note: there's *no* GUI for that yet
+ Store state of crosshair (activate/deactivate with SHIFT-X) in local.conf
+ Ported from 1.5: Added camera forward/backward strafe in freemode when
pressing and holding CTRL-SHIFT. Added GUI pref to invert default behavior
+ Ported from 1.5: Added fixed texture size option for texture browser
The fixed size defaults to 128 and can be manually change through
the "TextureUniformSize" key in local.conf
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