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- add browse buttons to CGameInstall dialog for engine folder

- copy content, only generating the .game atm

- delete .game files? should we also delete files that were copied?

- when doing Q3 + mod, the mod has to be setup in the preferences
(that's a bit awkward)

- the game list reload doesn't work right, the entries in the combo probably need to be initialized again

- add GUI pref to allow change font for views (currently must be done by hand in local.conf -> "GlFont")

- group entries in NEWS file? currently it's chronically

- tearoff menus loose their custom access labels they get from
  MainFrame::ShowMenuItemKeyBindings() when detaching/attaching. Currently the
  code hooks into notify::tearoff-state event and simply re-creates all labels
  again. That's quite brute force, the menu in being de/attached in question
  should be recreated, not all.

- snapshots/autosave: don't have it enabled and load a map from e.g.
  baseq3/maps/snapshots/ and continue from there. Further snapshots
  will be saved into baseq3/maps/snapshots/snapshots/ ...
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