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Environment variables

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Environment Variables that affect Fig

These are the environment variables that affect Fig. See environment variable statements for environment variables that affect your stuff.

You must either set FIG_REMOTE_URL or have a value for "default FIG_REMOTE_URL" in your local configuration. All other variables are optional.

Package storage


URL for the remote repository.


Path of local repository cache. Defaults to $HOME/.fighome.

File transfer


Can be used for authentication with FTP with --login or with SFTP.


Optional - Size of FTP session pool. Defaults to 16.

Running programs

SHELL and ComSpec

When running an external program, Fig uses the value of ComSpec on Windows and SHELL elsewhere.


When publishing, Fig attempts to discover information from Subversion and Git. By default, it will try to run "svn" and "git", meaning that those programs will need to be in your PATH, but you can set these variables to alternate locations or to the empty string to turn off support for that specific VCS.

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