DEAD - Swift is a php framework which is inspired by rails ( and many others ) frameworks and tends to be as fast as other popular frameworks.
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Swift is an open source "port" of Ruby on Rails to PHP. The goal of this project is to help developers build their web applications in a MVC pattern, which lets developers write more readable code.


  • database backend (LDAP, MySQL)
  • MVC
  • views (haml)
  • relationships between models (has one, has many, belongs to)
  • unit testing
  • caching (page, action, fragment, objects in memcache/files/apc)
  • model validations
  • database migrations
  • generators
  • i18n
  • and plenty more


This is an alpha (preview) release of Swift. It isn't stable for production yet! If you feel like contributing in this project, contact author on matijafolnovic at gmail dot com. Thank you!