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v0.160530 - 2016-02-22
- Fixed memory leak by adding "weak_ref => 1" for attributes of type
Net::Amazon::Route53 and Net::Amazon::Route53::HostedZone
- using Any::Moose
- fixed memory leak
v0.123250 - 2012-11-20
- #7: fix undefined decode_entities in ::ResourceRecordSet::Change
v0.122310 - 2012-08-18
- Changes by contributors:
- Retrieve more than 100 resource record sets at once (+test)
- Return NOOP status from atomic_update if the changeset is empty
- Paper over undefined TTL returned in some cases: set it to 0
v0.113630 - 2011-12-29
- Changes by contributors:
- Fix templating error in Net::Amazon::Route53::_get_change_xml
- Fix POD documentation in Net::Amazon::Route53::ResourceRecordSet::Change
- Whitespace issues
- Give credit to contributors
v0.113490 - 2011-12-15
- Batch updates/changes:
- batch_create
- batch_change
- Atomic updates of whole zones
- atomic_update
v0.110310 - 2011-01-31
- Proper decoding of entities
- Fix: ttl check works now
- Comment no longer required
- Caller reference no longer required
- More contex info given on errors
v0.110241 - 2011-01-24
- Dying (with error) in case the response is not a success
- route53 executable
- Fix if response does not match Amazon's examples
Empty <Config/> prevented displaying the zone list
Thanks to Šime Ramov for the bug report
v0.110240 - 2011-01-24
- Added use_ok tests
- Better usage messages for bin/route53
- Fix for wildcard records: use \052
v0.110090 - 2011-01-09
- Use either ~/.aws-secrets or another keyfile for credentials
- Use given key and id for credentials
- Get list of hosted zones for the account
- Create a new hosted zone, optionally waiting for the request to be completed
- Delete a hosted zone, optionally waiting for the request to be completed
- Get nameservers details for a hosted zone
- List all records in a hosted zone
- List records matching a name, type, ttl or values for a hosted zone
- Delete a record matching a name, type, ttl or value for a hosted zone
- Create a new record of given name, type, ttl and value(s) for a hosted zone