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# A application for light painting with the Adafruit Digital Adressable
# RGB LED flex strip. The web application lets users choose an image, which is
# then played column by column on the light strip.
# With a Raspberry Pi running a DHCP server and configured to set up an ad-hoc
# wireless network on boot, this script runs a web server that serves a
# simple page that can configure and control the RGB strip via any device that
# connects to the network and browses to the URL of the server.
# Adafruit Digital Addressable RGB LED flex strip.
# ---->
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO, Image, time
from math import floor
from PIL import Image
from threading import Timer
import thread
import web
import os
import json
# Paths for
urls = (
'/static/.+', 'static',
'/upload/(.+)', 'upload',
'/start', 'start',
'/stop', 'stop',
'/pause', 'pause',
'/continue', 'resume',
'/faster', 'faster',
'/slower', 'slower',
'/status', 'status',
'/', 'index'
# Configurable values
dev = "/dev/spidev0.0"
spidev = file(dev, "wb")
# Setup of templates
render = web.template.render('templates/', globals={'os': os})
class LightStick:
"""Represent the state of a light stick"""
def __init__(self):
self.paused = False
self.updateRate = 0.8
self.working = False
def get_status_string(self):
if self.paused:
return 'paused'
if self.working:
return 'running'
return 'stopped'
def faster(self, amount):
if self.updateRate - amount > 0:
self.updateRate -= amount
def slower(self, amount):
self.updateRate += amount
def start(self, filename="london.png"):
if self.working:
self.working = True
print "Loading..."
img ="RGB")
pixels = img.load()
width = img.size[0]
height = img.size[1]
print "Loaded image of %dx%d pixels" % img.size
# Create list of bytearrays, one for each column of image.
# R, G, B byte per pixel, plus extra '0' byte at end for latch.
print "Allocating..."
self.column = [0 for x in range(width + 1)]
self.blackColumn = bytearray(height * 3 + 1)
for x in range(width + 1):
self.column[x] = bytearray(height * 3 + 1)
for x in range(0, width):
for y in range(0, height):
self.column[x][y * 3] = 0x80 | (pixels[x,y][1] >> 2)
self.column[x][y * 3 + 1] = 0x80 | (pixels[x,y][0] >> 2)
self.column[x][y * 3 + 2] = 0x80 | (pixels[x,y][2] >> 2)
# Set the last column to black
for y in range(0, height):
self.column[width][y * 3] = 0x80
self.column[width][y * 3 + 1] = 0x80
self.column[width][y * 3 + 2] = 0x80
print "Rendering..."
self.working == True
thread.start_new_thread(self.step, ())
def stop(self):
self.working = False
def step(self):
while self.working:
if not self.paused:
for col in self.column:
def pause(self):
self.paused = True
def resume(self):
self.paused = False
class static:
"""Serves all of the static assets in the static folder"""
def GET(self, path):
raise web.seeother(path)
class upload:
"""Serves all of the static assets in the static folder"""
def GET(self, path):
web.header("Content-Type", "image/png")
return open('upload/%s'%path,"rb").read()
raise web.seeother('/')
class index:
"""Main web app entry point"""
def GET(self):
return render.index()
def POST(self):
"""Allow people to upload files into the /upload directory."""
x = web.input(fileUpload={})
uploadDir = os.path.join(os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__)), 'upload')
filepath=x['fileUpload'].filename.replace('\\','/') # replaces the windows-style slashes with linux ones.
filename=filepath.split('/')[-1] # splits the and chooses the last part (the filename with extension)
fout = open(os.path.join(uploadDir, filename),'w')
raise web.seeother('/upload')
class start:
"""Start the time lapse"""
def GET(self):
return "Success"
def POST(self):
data = web.input()
class stop:
"""Stop the time lapse"""
def GET(self):
return "Success"
class pause:
"""Pause the time lapse"""
def GET(self):
return "Success"
class resume:
"""Resume the lightstick after it was paused"""
def GET(self):
return "Success"
class faster:
def GET(self):
class slower:
def GET(self):
class status:
def GET(self):
return json.dumps({'status' : lightstick.get_status_string()})
lightstick = LightStick()
if __name__ == "__main__":
app = web.application(urls, globals())