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(ns ^{:doc "Clojurized access for Jsoup."}
(:use clojure.walk)
(:import (org.jsoup Jsoup Connection Connection$Method)
(def POST Connection$Method/POST)
(def GET Connection$Method/GET)
(def ^:private params
["user-agent" "cookies", "data", "method", "referrer", "timeout",
"url", "follow-redirects", "ignore-content-type", "ignore-http-errors",
(defn- to-fn-name [name]
(let [words (clojure.string/split name #"[\s_-]+")]
(apply str (first words) (map #(clojure.string/capitalize %) (rest words)))))
(defn- invoke [instance method & args]
(clojure.lang.Reflector/invokeInstanceMethod instance method (to-array args)))
(defn -configure [^Connection connection opts]
"Configures the connection."
(let [opts (apply hash-map opts)
auth (get opts :auth)
headers (get opts :headers)]
(doseq [v params]
(let [var (get opts (keyword v))
vars (if (map? var) (stringify-keys var) var)]
(if-not (nil? var) (invoke connection (to-fn-name v) vars))))
(if-not (nil? auth) (doseq [[k v] auth] (.header connection k v)))
(if-not (nil? headers) (doseq [[k v] headers] (.header connection k v)))) connection)
(defn -connect [^Connection$Method method url & opts]
"Creates a connection configured by the given opts."
(let [connection (.method (org.jsoup.Jsoup/connect url) method)]
(if-not (nil? opts) (-configure connection opts))
(defmulti parse
"Parses a File, Inputstream or String and returns a Document instance."
(fn [x & opts] (string? x)))
(defmethod parse true [content & opts]
(let [opts (apply hash-map opts)
base-uri (get opts :base-uri)]
(if (nil? base-uri) (org.jsoup.Jsoup/parse content) (org.jsoup.Jsoup/parse content base-uri))))
(defmethod parse false [file & opts]
(let [opts (apply hash-map opts)
base-uri (get opts :base-uri)
encoding (get opts :encoding "UTF-8")]
(if (nil? base-uri) (org.jsoup.Jsoup/parse file encoding) (org.jsoup.Jsoup/parse file encoding base-uri))))
(defn select [selector doc] (.select doc selector))
(defn basic-auth [username password]
"Creates a basic authorization header."
{"Authorization" (str "Basic " (String. (Base64/encodeBase64 (.getBytes (str username ":" password)))))})
(defn exec [^Connection connection] (.. connection (execute) (parse)))
(defn get![uri & opts]
(exec (apply -connect GET uri opts)))
(defn post![uri & opts]
(exec (apply -connect POST uri opts)))
(defn slurp! [location & opts]
(let [content (apply slurp location opts)]
(if (nil? opts) (parse content) (apply parse content opts))))
(defmacro $ [doc & forms]
(let [exprs# (map #(if (string? %) `(select ~%)
(if (symbol? %) `(select ~(str %))
(if (keyword? %) `(select ~(str "#"(name %)))
%))) forms)]
`(->> ~doc ~@exprs#))) ;; See apricot-soup @github ;)
(defn text [elements] (map #(.text %) elements))
(defn attr [selector elements] (map #(.attr % selector) elements))
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