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A vJoy feeder for the Nintendo Switch JoyCons and Pro Controller
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A vJoy feeder / Driver for the Nintendo Switch JoyCons and Pro Controller on Windows with analog stick support and motion controls

How to use

  1. Install vJoy, here:

  2. Setup your vJoy Devices to look like this (search for configure vJoy in Windows search):

    • Imgur
    • Add a device for every controller you have, so if you have 4 JoyCons and 1 Pro Controller, enable 5 devices
  3. Pair the JoyCon(s) / Pro Controller(s) to your PC

  4. Run the Application, if it doesn't detect your JoyCon(s) / Pro Controller, make sure they are fully paired / connected and restart the program.

    • For the latest features and updates, just click check for updates, updating is (mostly) automatic
  5. Once the program is running vJoy should register the input from the JoyCon(s) / Pro Controller.

    • To verify it's working you can use the vJoy monitor that comes with vJoy, it should look something like this:
    • To re-pair the JoyCon(s) / Pro Controller go into Settings and remove them and then pair them again.
    • You'll likely want to use this with something like x360ce (, which will let you map the vJoy device to a virtual xbox controller for games that support them.
  6. Here's a screenshot of the actual program:

    • Imgur

Settings and features (some settings are only in the config file!)

  • Combine JoyCons
    • Combines a pair of JoyCons into a single vJoy device
  • Reverse Stick X/Y
    • Reverses the X/Y direction(s) for both sticks
  • Gyro Controls
    • Enables controlling the mouse with a JoyCon like a WiiMote
  • Prefer Left JoyCon
    • By default, the right JoyCon is used (if found), this forces the program to use the left JoyCon (if found)
  • Gyro Controls Sensitivity X/Y
    • Controls the sensitivity -> higher = more sensitive
    • The X sensitivity also controls the gyro sensitivity for Rz/sl0/sl1 in vJoy
  • Gyroscope Combo Code
    • A number that tells the program which button or set of buttons to use to toggle gyro controls
    • To figure out what number to put in the config, look at the Gyro Combo Code when you press your desired keycombo
  • Quick Toggle Gyro
    • Changes the behavior of the Gyro toggle from a standard switch, to a "always off unless keycombo is pressed" mode
  • Invert Quick Toggle
    • Changes the behavior of the quick toggle from always off unless keycombo is pressed to always on unless keycombo is pressed
  • Gyro Window
    • Opens up a visualizer for the JoyCon's gyroscope
  • Dolphin Mode
    • Makes it so that the Rz/sl0/sl1 sliders in vJoy don't reset back to 0 when the JoyCon stops moving
  • Mario Theme
    • Plays the Mario theme on the first connected JoyCon at startup
  • Debug Mode
    • Prints debug info to the console
  • Write Debug to File
    • Writes the debug info to a file
  • Force Poll Update
    • Don't use this, probably
  • Broadcast mode
    • Don't use this, probably

Important Notes

  • The JoyCons need to be re-paired anytime after they've reconnected to the switch


  • If you have any questions about anything the fastest way to reach me is probably my discord server or (fosse#0430) or twitter (@fosseisanerd) or even my email
  • If you find a bug please don't hesitate to make an issue, I'll try to respond within 24 hours if possible


  • If you like the project and would like to donate:
  • BTC Address: 17hDC2X7a1SWjsqBJRt9mJb9fJjqLCwgzG
  • ETH Address: 0xFdcA914e1213af24fD20fB6855E89141DF8caF96


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