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Several finite map implementations in OCaml, head to head.
Trie_map: TST with coalesced constructor for nodes with and without values
Trie_map_mod: TST with different constructors for leaves and inner nodes with
a value
Ternary: TST with separate constructor for nodes with and without values
but no leaf constructor
Map: the Map implementation from INRIA's stdlib (AVL tree)
Fasthashtbl: hash table with open addressing and double hashing
Hashtbl: the hash table from INRIA's stdlib (external chaining)
Hashtbl_mod: Hashtbl with more aggressive resizing (lower load factor)
Hashtbl_hval: Hashtbl_mod with caching of the hash value
* OMake
* OCaml (any version should do)
Compiling and running
$ omake
$ ./benchmark -help
-n N Number of iterations (default: 3)
-s Show structure sizes.
-help Display this list of options
--help Display this list of options
$ ./benchmark -n 10
String set size: 98568
Target array 1: 217625
Target array 2: 86016
add 0.18055s (1205378 / sec)
struct size: 11124672
find (constant w/ overhead) 0.02775s (36040042 / sec)
find (constant, no overhead) 0.02312s (43250748 / sec)