OCaml bindings for Google's LevelDB
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ocaml-leveldb: OCaml bindings for Google's LevelDB

Copyright (c) 2011-2014 Mauricio Fernandez mfp@acm.org

These bindings expose nearly the full LevelDB C++ API, including:

  • iterators
  • snapshots
  • batch updates
  • support for custom comparators

Blocking functions release the OCaml runtime system, allowing to:

  • run them in parallel with other OCaml code
  • perform multiple LevelDB operations in parallel


  • OCaml >= 3.12.0
  • GCC with C++ frontend (g++)
  • omake to build
  • oUnit for the unit tests
  • LevelDB (including dev package libleveldb-dev or similar)
  • Snappy (including dev package libsnappy-dev or similar)



$ omake

should do. It will build both LevelDB and the OCaml bindings.

You can then install (via ocamlfind) with

$ omake install

API documentation

Refer to src/levelDB.mli.