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Measure React rendering lifecycles using controls using a simple component


$ yarn add -D rn-render-perfs

In your code

import RnRenderPerfs from 'rn-render-perfs';
import Perf from 'ReactPerf';

export default function App() {
  return (
        <YourApp />
        <RnRenderPerfs monitor={Perf} />

You can pass any kind of Perf module inside monitor props that implements :

  • start: Function
  • stop: Function
  • printWasted: Function
  • printInclusive: Function
  • printExclusive: Function
  • printOperations: Function

What can I expect from this module ?

This module is a simple wrapper allowing to call Perf modules using the same API as the react-addons-perfs one.

With the previous code example, you can access to these information (from react-addons-perfs doc) :

  • Print wasted: “Wasted” time is spent on components that didn’t actually render anything
  • Print Inclusive: Print the overall time taken by React
  • Print Exclusive: “Exclusive” times don’t include the times taken to mount the components: processing props, calling componentWillMount and componentDidMount, etc.
  • Print operations: Prints the underlying manipulations

With the help of @flepretre & @kennydee