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Persistent Login (Roundcube)

Provides a "Keep me logged in" aka "Remember Me" functionality for Roundcube.

Login with Larry Skin


You can download the plugin from the latest release tags on GitHub.


  • Extract the downloaded archive into Roundcube’s plugin directory <roundcube>/plugins/ and rename it to persistent_login.

  • Open the Roundcube's main configuration file <roundcube>/config/ and add the plugin’s name to the active plugins array, e.g.:

$config['plugins'] = array('persistent_login');

Thats it. All configuration is optional.

Configuration (Optional)

Persistent Login provides two different ways of usage. User-Data cookie or AuthToken cookie based.

UserData cookie (No database extension required)

This method doesn’t require any configuration, it is enabled by default. It stores the user’s login information encrypted in a cookie.

AuthToken cookie (more secure, recommended)

This method have to be enabled in the plugins configuration file. It requires the creation of a table in your roundcubemail’s database as well. The table can be created by the SQL script in the sql/ directory of the plugin. Execute ALL statements from the SQL file.

Enable it in config: persistent_login/

$rcmail_config['ifpl_use_auth_tokens'] = true;