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A scratchpad for working on making some of the C++11 STL code from gcc 4.9 transaction-safe
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A scratchpad for working on making the C++11 STL code from gcc 4.10 transaction-safe.

To that end, this project entails two efforts:

  1. Write driver programs that we can prove call every method of the STL
  2. Make the necessary modifications so that every STL method can be called from an atomic transaction

To achieve the first goal, we have a version of libstdc++ in which there is a printf within every STL function. We call this the trace version. Then, for each STL collection, there is a subfolder within the validation folder. When the code in the appropriate subfolder of validation is linked to the library in the trace folder, and run, output should indicate that every STL function is being called.

To achieve the second goal, we flip a #define so that the validation code attempts to call STL functions from within __transaction_atomic blocks. We then link against the tm version of libstdc++. It should be the case that there are no link errors, and the program executes without any errors.

Note: there is a libstdc++ folder containing unmodified gcc 4.10 source code.


On 9 Aug 2014, this repository was heavily restructured. Please note that most file locations have changed to fit with the above description.


libstdc++/: This is the original libstdc++ code from GCC. Note that it pulls from a few parts of GCC, in order to be compilable.

libstdc++_tm/: This version of libstdc++ has been annotated or otherwise modified as little as possible to make all STL calls transaction-safe.

libstdc++_trace/: This version of libstdc++ has printf statements in every method call, so that we can be sure that we have 100% coverage of the STL functions.

old/: Any work from before 9 Aug 2014 that has not yet been ported to the new layout now resides in this folder. Once it is migrated, it will no longer reside in this folder.

validation/: In the subfolders of validation are the programs for testing individual STL containers.


std::list: Complete

std::deque: Incomplete, in old/ folder

std::map: Incomplete, in old/ folder

std::queue: Incomplete, in old/ folder

std::string: Incomplete, in old/ folder

  • When last we looked, this wasn't going to work due to std::string not conforming to C++11 requirements (it is still reference counted!)

std::vector: Incomplete, in old/ folder

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