A small project created for an Atl-Clj lightning talk, demonstrating the wonders of immutant
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A small project created for an Atl-Clj lightning talk, demonstrating the wonders of immutant.

It comes from a simple problem: how can one get a random quote from Mystery Science Theater 3000 on demand?

The solution was "live coded" in a short, 15-minute talk (with only the most cursory glances at the pre-written code cheat sheets that took an hour and half to prepare) at the Atl-Clj group, and is presented here for the enlightenment of all.

This project demonstrates just two of the numerous wonderful features of immutant: web handlers, and messaging. The front end application "webber" creates an immutant web endpoint, and communicates with the back end quotes data source "quoter" using immutant request/respond synchronish messaging.

How to Make It Go

  • Install immutant by following the super easy installation directions
  • Deploy both of the apps, by running these commands from the project root:
lein immutant deploy ./webber
lein immutant deploy ./quoter
  • Start immutant
lein immutant run
  • Point your browser at http:/localhost:8080 and enjoy an unlimited supply of quotes from the greatest TV show of all time.

What's Going On Here?

Quoter loads up the WikiQuote MST3K page and then pulls out all the quotes using enlive - the quote page helpfully puts all the quotes in <dl> tags making it easy for to get them with an enlive selector. It picks one at random each time Webber asks for a quote and sends it across immutant messaging.


Thanks to the Atl-Clj Group, Jim Crossley, and Chap Lovejoy!