WeBWorK version of opaque server for connecting to the moodle opaque question type client to WeBWorK PG renderer
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Configuration and install instructions:

The standard location for webwork directories are at /opt/webwork. Adjustments to these instructions need to be made if that is not true in your case.

  • Download the software and make a local copy of the configuration file

      cd /opt/webwork   
      git clone https://github.com/openwebwork/opaque_server.git 
      cd opaque_server/conf`
      cp opaqueserver.apache-config.dist opaqueserver.apache-config 
  • Add the line

       Include /opt/webwork/opaque_server/conf/opaqueserver.apache-config

to the end of the file /opt/webwork/webwork2/conf/webwork.apache2.4-config (or to webwork.apache2-config for installations using apache2 but not apache2.4)

  • The segment called WeBWorKSOAP needs to be uncommented. The Opaque server uses SOAP to communicate with the main server.

  • Rewrite the line my $hostname = 'http://localhost'; in opaqueserver.apache-config so that $hostname is assigned the correct url for your site.

  • If WeBWorK is set up in the standard way with directories /opt/webwork/webwork2 and /opt/webwork/pg then the paths to those directories do not need to be changed. Otherwise other adjustments may be needed in opaqueserver.apache-conf.

  • Restart the apache server (after modifying opaqueserver.apache-conf if needed).

  • You may need to load the cpan module Memory::Usage.pm

       cpan Memory::Usage
  • The file https://github.com/openwebwork/webwork2/blob/release-2.11/lib/WeBWorK/Utils/AttemptsTable.pm is required for opaque_server. This file is part of webwork2 branch release/2.11 and later, (also branch: devel). You should be able to operate opaque_server along side webwork2 release/2.10 if you copy the AttemptsTable.pm file to the appropriate location.

This code repo for opaque_server was moved to github.com/openwebwork site from github.com/mgage. The work on opaque_server at github.com/mgage has been frozen.