This isolates the features of webwork which simply render a problem, independent of any connection with a database or with a webserver
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Put a Ruby webserver front end on the PG renderer so that the client can send a .pg file, have it rendered and returned to the client which pushes it through a browser.

PG is the language used to write mathematics questions for WeBWorK. It is basically perl with additional macros that make it easier to write and to check the answers to mathematics homework problems.

A light weight Ruby server installations will make it possible to write and check homework questions on a laptop without connections to the web.

The question returned to the browser is active in the sense that when it is resubmitted to the PG renderer the entered answers are checked and the result is returned to the browser.

The UML for the project is at:

The items in yellow are the scripts that should be written to connect the Ruby webserver and the PG renderer engine. If XMLRPC is used as a transport mechanism then the existing perl client can be used to check the operation of the server and the renderer.

The items in blue constitute perl code that duplicates the functionality of which can be used as a model.

A description of the existing perl code for the PG renderer is in README2.