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Welcome to the webwork2 wiki!

  • April 17, 2012: Comments on commit c406342d144ac

    • This commit includes updates to PGProblemEditor by Grant He. These features still need review.

      In PGProblemEditor2 it's possible to edit the problem and then view the changes on the same page.

      It implements a date picker which appears in some instances where a date and time need to be entered by hand. (This has not yet been implemented in all places where date/times are entered.)

    • The client/webservice facility has been used to check all of the questions currently in the WeBWorK NationalProblemLibrary to make sure (at a minimum) that they compile correctly. There are 180 which fail this test. Those that use includeRandomProblem() have conceptual difficulties transferring the environment (and in particular finding the PG problems that the includeRandomProblem() subroutine redirects too). At least a few other auestions from New Hampshire are missing certain macro files -- these will be rerun. There are other misc. errors.

      This project is the very beginning of an automatic testing facility that would make sure that questions (1) compile, (2) accept their own correct answers (eventually do automatic checks on boundary tolerances for answers?)