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from docutils import nodes
from docutils.parsers.rst import Directive, directives
import micawber
except ImportError:
micawber = None # NOQA
class Embed(Directive):
""" Restructured text extension for inserting any
sort of media using micawber."""
has_content = False
required_arguments = 1
optional_arguments = 999
def get_providers(self):
return micawber.bootstrap_noembed()
def run(self):
if micawber is None:
msg = "To use the embed directive, install micawber first."
return [nodes.raw('', '<div class="text-error">{0}</div>'.format(msg), format='html')]
url = " ".join(self.arguments)
html = micawber.parse_text(url, self.get_providers())
return [nodes.raw('', html, format='html')]
def register_directive():
directives.register_directive('embed', Embed)