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This bash completion module performs "fuzzy" matching similar to textmate's "Go to File" fuzzy matching, "flex matching" in emacs' ido mode, etc.

For example:

mkdir pizza
mkdir jazz
cd zz<TAB>
# displays `pizza' and `jazz'
rm -r jazz
cd zz<TAB>
# completes the word `pizza'


  • bash >= 4.0 (since we need associative arrays).
  • The bash-completion package (could have a different name on your distro).


Put the following in your ~/.inputrc:

set show-all-if-ambiguous on

Put the following in your ~/.bashrc:

source /path/to/fuzzy_bash_completion

And now you'll probably only need one more line in your ~/.bashrc and I'll give you a hint, it's probably this one:


Beyond that, you might want to also enable fuzzy completion for cd, ls or any other command that filedir_xspec doesn't cover (run fuzzy_list_replaced_specs to see all the commands using fuzzy completion). You can enable fuzzy completion for specific commands like so:

fuzzy_setup_for_command cd


List commands that are currently fuzzy

You can list all of the fuzzy compspecs with:


Revert back to original completion specs (debugging and development)

If something doesn't seem right and you want to back out all fuzzy completion, you can use:


(and you should also file a bug report on GitHub)

Known issues, Quirks, etc

  • Doesn't yet play nicely with default bash completion for variable names.

  • Find something else? Report it on GitHub and earn a cookie!