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What is IDLdoc?

IDLdoc generates nicely formatted API documentation directly from IDL source code. If the documentation is kept close to the code itself is much more likely to be kept up-to-date. As much as possible the documentation produced by IDLdoc is generated directly from the source code, making IDLdoc useful even if there are no specially formatted comments at all in the source code.

Installing from an official release

The easiest way to get IDLdoc is to use an official release:

  1. Download the release from the Releases page of the wiki.
  1. Modify your !path to make sure the idldoc.sav file is found. There are various techniques to make this change, i.e., changing the IDL_PATH environment variable, changing the IDL_PATH preference, through the preferences in the IDL Workbench, etc.

Installing from GitHub

It is easy to install IDLdoc directly from the GitHub repo:

  1. Get the git repo and its submodules with:

    $ git clone --recursive
  2. Put the src and lib directories and their subdirectories into your IDL !path in your favorite manner.


See the Reference guide and Tutorial in the docs/ directory.

See INSTALL.rst for more information about installing IDLdoc.

See RELEASE.rst for the release notes for this, and past, versions of IDLdoc.

For more information about converting a library from using IDLdoc 2.0 to IDLdoc 3.0, see ISSUES.rst.