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mgunit 1.6

Released 24 July 2018

  • Fix for bug when no filename with jUnit output format

  • Recursively search directories below test suite home directory for *_ut. pro and * files

  • Fixed for bug in mguttestsuite_define::addTestingFolder that did not add absolute paths correctly

  • Add superclasses of test classes recursively

mgunit 1.5.0

Released 18 November 2013

  • Passing keywords to MGUNIT down to MGutTestCase subclasses.

  • Reporting coverage of tested routines.

  • Adding Cobertura output option.

  • Allowing up to 8 arguments for substituting into ASSERT error message.

mgunit 1.4.0

Released 18 May 2015

  • Checks for updates when using the VERSION keyword.

  • Fix for test cases with no valid tests.

  • Added RUNNERS keyword and allowed FILENAMES to accept a string array so that output can be send to multiple outputs

mgunit 1.3.0

Released 12 February 2013

  • Added optional OUTPUT keyword to tests which, if present and set during the the test, is echoed to the output.
  • Added utilities to help test GUI applications.
  • Updated "Using mgunit" documentation.
  • Adding batch file with optional variable MGUNIT_SKIP_MSG which can be set prior to including to a message that will be used if an error causes the skip.
  • Updated look for HTML output.

mgunit 1.2.0

Released 7 July 2011

  • Added FAILURES_ONLY keyword to display only failed tests.
  • Simplified and improved user-level API documentation.
  • Added VERSION keyword to report mgunit version.

mgunit 1.1.0

Released 22 February 2010

  • Added an extra argument to ASSERT which can be inserted into the message via C-style format codes.
  • Added XML and JUnit output formats (and corresponding XML and JUNIT keywords to MGUNIT to turn them on).
  • Added ability for a test to determine if it should count in the final results tally, i.e., if it is "skipped". Use the SKIP keyword of ASSERT to skip a test instead of failing it if the condition is not met.
  • Fixed memory leak.

mgunit 1.0.0

Released 27 April 2009

  • Framework for creating pass/fail unit tests with as little overhead and boilerplate text as possible. Simply create a new class which inherits from MGutTestCase, no init or cleanup methods are necessary unless the test requires some setup before it is run. Any function method whose name begins with "test" will be executed: it is considered a pass if it returns 1, failing if it returns 0 or crashes.
  • Suites can automatically gather together many test case classes together if the tests follow a simple naming convention: end the test case classname in "_ut". In this way, mgunit can run individual test cases or test suites aggregating test cases at various levels.
  • Several test runners for outputting test results to various formats are available; output can be sent to stdout, log files, or html files. In addition, there is a GUI test runner that will show results and re-run tests with the push of a button (also recompiling tests before running them).
  • If there is common setup required for each test method in a test case, a setup method can be written. This method will be called before each test method (the teardown method will be called after each test method).
  • Contains IDL Workbench templates for making it even faster to create new test cases/suites.
  • Keywords to MGUNIT to retrieve the number of passing and failing tests.
  • Color output to the terminal window when possible.
  • Shell script to run mgunit from the UNIX command line.
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