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A command-line utility to convert markdown files to HTML
fs = require 'fs'
path = require 'path';
markdownParser = require( '../node_modules/markdown-js/lib/markdown').markdown;
argv = require('../node_modules/optimist').argv; = () ->
#Handle Markdown source determinizim
markdownInput = ''
if argv.markdown
#need to parse the file-name
# see if it has a .markdown extension
# then create the base-file-name [test.markdown -> test.html]
markdownInput = argv.markdown
# pretty much error out without a markdown source
throw new Error 'Failed to specify a markdown source'
#Handle layout specification
layout_template = ''
if argv.template
#in here support a file toss
#or template name...
#maybe do a template name, to prevent user/client error
throw new Error('Failed to identify a layout source... However, at this moment we have no customized layouts');
layout_template = '../layouts/standard.html'
#Handle output path
outputPath = ''
if argv.output
#if output param specified use it as filename output
# should do a check and make sure it is a valid syntaxfiletype
outputPath = argv.output;
#if no output specified use the markdown.source filename but tear off the .markdown
# and replace with html
file_name_parts = markdownInput.split '.'
outputPath = "#{file_name_parts[0]}.html"
htmlReplacement = {}
htmlReplacement['__title__'] = ''
#Handle title used in the html template
if argv.title
htmlReplacement['__title__'] = argv.title
#If no title param specified, use the default one
htmlReplacement['__title__'] = 'DocDown Generated File';
#Handle author used in the html template
htmlReplacement['__author__'] = ''
htmlReplacement['__author__'] =
#If no author param specified, none is used.
htmlReplacement['__author__'] = '';
#sync call to markdown file
sourceMarkdownFile = fs.readFileSync markdownInput, 'utf-8'
#get layout template
layout_dir = path.dirname fs.realpathSync __filename ;
layout_template = layout_dir+'/'+layout_template;
# Read in a layout file, only one for now
layoutFile = fs.readFile layout_template, 'utf-8', (err, buff) ->
if err
throw err
htmlReplacement['__markdown__'] = markdownParser sourceMarkdownFile
#replace text
newDoc = buff
for key,value of htmlReplacement
#replacing all variables
newDoc = newDoc.replace key,value
fs.writeFile outputPath, newDoc, (err) ->
if err
throw err
console.log "Document Generated -> #{outputPath}"
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