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djumblr: Tumblr for Django


This fork will require a specific fork of the python-tumblr library in order to support authenticated_reads. Also, if you have been using a previous version of django-tumblr there were changes made to the models that includes a new field to mark an entry as private or public


To install the latest version:

pip install git+git://github.com/mgan59/django-tumblr.git#egg=django-tumblr

django-tumblr has some additional dependencies:

  • pip install poster
  • pip install git+git://github.com/mgan59/python-tumblr.git#egg=python-tumblr
  • pip install django-taggit
  • pip install django-haystack -- optional for search integration

Add djumblr to your project's INSTALLED_APPS setting.

    ## if not already added, then add taggit

Add djumblr to your project's urls.py: urlpatterns = patterns('', (r'^djumblr/', include('djumblr.urls')), ... )


Download djumblr and put it on your pythonpath. Include it in your INSTALLED_APPS, and syncdb. You now have models for tumblr content!

To sync, you first need to define the user(s) that have tumblr accounts. This is done with the TUMBLR_USERS settings in settings.py.

An example (from djumblr.scripts.populate_all()): John has the username john on his django website, but ignorantcarrot on tumblr. His TUMBLR_USERS would be:

TUMBLR_USERS = { 'john': 
    { 'tumblr_user': 'ignorantcarrot', }

If he wants to use the django site both for posting and syncing, he would have to update the TUMBLR_USERS variable with the email address and password he uses to log in to tumblr.com:

TUMBLR_USERS = { 'john': 
        'tumblr_user': 'ignorantcarrot',
        'email': 'john.carrot@fullbladder.net',
        'password': '',   ## adding your password will enable authenticated_reads during sync_tumblr command

Once installed and configured, you may sync your tumblr accounts with:

python manage.py sync_tumblr

To view debug information enable verbose

python manage.py sync_tumblr -v 2

To sync only a specific tumblr content type such as photo or text try the following. By default sync loads all tumblr types

python manage.py sync_tumblr -t photo


python manage.py sync_tumble --type text

Alternatively, run populate_models(tumblr_user, user) from the scripts module, where tumblr_user is a string containing the username of the tumblr user, and user is a User object.