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DocDown - What is it?

Currently I have been writing docs in markdown for easy viewing on github. Recently one said markdown file was going to be sent out to a 3rd party. Knowing these 3rd party members wouldn't be viewing the documents in a markdown viewer I thought the best solution would be to convert the markdown into styled html. I had looked on Github and found several blogging engines built around markdown files being converted to html and served via express. That isn't what I needed. So I wrote DocDown as a simple command-line tool to help with my productivity. Maybe it will help you as well.

How To Install DocDown

Well you will need nodejs and npm, if you haven't used those yet go find a tutorial and get started :)

Once you have npm installed do the following

npm install -g docdown

The package includes a bin script that allows you to run docdown where ever on your systems.

How To Use DocDown

A basic example is as follows, assuming you are in your folder with the markdown file called my_doc.markdown do the following

docdown --markdown my_doc.markdown

which will generate a file called my_doc.html in the local folder

You can specify a output file name if you don't want it to inherit the original source's filename

docdown --markdown my_doc.markdown --output super_doc.html

Will generate a file called super_doc.html in the local folder


The following variables can be used when calling the tool as the following

docdown --markdown my_doc.markdown --title "New project specs"
Variable Description Default value
title Title in the generated HTML DocDown Generated File
author Value in the meta tag author in the head of the document None


Eventually I'll add support for custom templates for the html, currently a really basic white template is used. I have the hooks in place for the cmd-line arguments to almost work.

In addition, I'd also like to add support to do an entire directory of markdown and create a directory of .html output

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