Client library for the MailChimp API v1.2.
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greatape is a minimalist client library for version 1.2 of the MailChimp API. It was very much inspired by Mike Verdone's Twitter client library in that it does a bit of mucky, dynamic business with __getattr__ to avoid having to actually write code for all the methods that the API provides.

greatape is pretty darned easy to use. Simple import the API object and instantiate it with your API key.

>>> from greatape import MailChimp
>>> mailchimp = MailChimp('<your api key>')

You can now access any of the methods in the API by calling them on your MailChimp instance with the required parameters as keyword arguments. Results will be returned as Python lists or dictionaries. (Note that you do not need to provide your API key as a parameter other than to the constructor.) Refer to the MailChimp API documentation for a complete list of available methods.

greatape defaults to using SSL to access the MailChimp API. If this isn't what you want, pass ssl=False to the MailChimp constructor.

In case you desperately want to know exactly what resource you are hitting with what data, pass the constructor debug=True and you will get a print out of the URL and POST data just before the call is made.