A bootstrap library to import javascript objects into mongodb using a series of raw json files
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Inspired from Django's data-fixtures and Ruby's rake but built for nodejs. Mongoose-Fixture is a command-line and utility library to load static json arrays/documents into mongodb. Ideal for working with the MEAN stack.

Why would I use it?

Installing Mongodb will give access to the mongoimport command, however that is for simple importing and not flexible as a workflow-tool.

Mongoose-Fixture comes with the following features to improve developer workflow

  • Project Configuration, organize documents collections into sets, for custom batch executions
  • BoilerPlates, generate Schemas/Fixtures to reduce typing
  • API can be used within other processes, a nodejs event-emitter

Migrating to Release 0.3.0

There were api adjustments moving from version 0.2.x to 0.3.0, specifically within your data-fixtures. In order to support the new 0.3.0 release you need to adjust the method signature in all your data fixtures.

// 0.2.x data fixture method signature
module.exports = function(mongoose, callback){ 
    // function body

// new 0.3.0 data fixture method signature
module.exports = function(mongoose, conn, callback){
    // function body

Getting Started

Read the documentation guide for a full-walkthrough and sample project

New Development / Contribution

  • more tests
  • create a grunt hook, consider supporting own bin command?
  • more documentation (specifically examples)

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