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Mongoose-Fixture Example

This is example repository is the end result of the documentation complete with everything you need to get started using mongoose-fixture.

Getting the Example

First clone this repo with

git clone mongoose-fixture-example/
cd mongoose-fixture-example

Use npm to install dependencies

npm install -g mongoose-fixture
npm install .

Setting up a mongo instance

If you don't have mongodb installed yet, please do so, just google for howto as mongodb installation falls out of scope for this document.

Otherwise if you already have a mongodb server running the following command

mkdir mongo_data
mkdir mongo_data/data
mongod --port 27017 --fork --journal --logpath mongo_data/logfile --dbpath mongo_data/data

Run Mongoose-Fixture

Running the command below will create a db and the pre-defined collections

mongoose-fixture --fixture='all' --reset