A Python module to access Pinboard.in via its API. This is a fork/modification of mudge/python-delicious
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Python module to access Pinboard via its API. This project is a fork from the original work by Paul Mucur on the Python-Delicious API.


To install using easy-install:

    python setup.py install

Or (if you have pip installed)

    pip install -e git://github.com/mgan59/python-pinboard.git@v1.1#egg=python-pinboard


To get started you must first open a connection to pinboard.in, there are authentication methods

Standard method using username/password

import pinboard

# create pinboard connection (using username/password)
pinboard_conn = pinboard.open('username', 'password')

A method using your api token from the pinboard.in settings

# an alternative method using an api token
pinboard_conn = pinboard.open(token='username:23asdfjlkj')

Now how to actual add and delete bookmarks

# Example of adding a bookmark
# .add('url', 'title', 'description', ('tags', 'as', 'a', 'tuple'))
	'A Python module to access the contents of a Pinboard account via the Pinboard API.',
	('computing', 'python'))

# .add without a description but using a kwarg tags to specify the tuple
	tags=('computing', 'python', 'projects'))

# .delete uses the bookmark url since they are unique



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