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Access the Immobilienscout24 Import/Export REST API using C#
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A small library to access the Immobilienscout24 Import/Export REST API using RestSharp.

Getting Started

IS24RestApi is available as a NuGet package.

The ImportExportClient class has CRUD methods for all resource types and the SampleConsole project shows a few uses. You need to acquire OAuth credentials beforehand (e.g. by carrying out these steps) and put them in the config.json file that's read from the current working directory at runtime (see the included config.example.json file).

The AuthorizeAsync method shows how to perform the OAuth authorization steps programmatically.

All API calls are carried out asynchronously and the paging call GetAsync() for RealEstate resources uses Reactive Extensions to return the real estate objects both lazily and asynchronously.

Regenerating API Types

The classes in the Types.generated.cs file were generated from the XSD files provided by IS24 using XmlSchemaClassGenerator. There are two dotnet-script scripts in the xsd folder to automate this process.

  1. DownloadSchemaFiles.csx downloads all .xsd files from here and moves messages*.xsd to the includes folder.
  2. GenerateClasses.csx generates .cs files into the generated folder.


Pull requests to improve are welcome :)

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