Personal project to find out information about University of Algarve (UAlg)
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This is a quick README file for the InfoUAlg project.

This project aims to provide tools to retrieve all kinds of information from University of Algarve  (UAlg).

It’s a python learning personal project, which will help me in the difficult task to learn how to code

For now, to run this script, these are the necessary steps:

->download the and the input folder and it's contents
-> run
-> at the command line, insert your question to the script:

<service> <options> <data>

For now, the only service is "cantina", you can choose between "almoço" and "jantar" for the options, and the dates you are free to use anything (for the
moment I only have Semptember info). Dates come in the form of DD-MM-YYYY.

This project only accepts the portuguese input, and the output is also in portuguese.

Any suggestion please mail me:  marco at garces dot cc