This is a prototype of a serverless platform built in .NET using Microsoft Azure and Windows Containers.
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Serverless Prototype

This is a prototype of a serverless platform built in C#/.NET using Microsoft Azure and Windows containers. The goals of this implementation are to improve the performance of serverless platforms and explore platform designs while maintaining a simple implementation.

Implementation Overview

Implementation Overview

The platform depends upon Azure Storage for data persistence and for its messaging layer. Besides Azure Storage services, the implementation is comprised of two components: a web service which exposes the platform's public REST API, and a worker service which manages and executes function containers. The web service discovers available workers through a messaging layer consisting of various Azure Storage queues. Function metadata is stored in Azure Storage tables, and function code is stored in Azure Storage blobs.

A in-depth discussion of the current platform and its limitations is available here.

Performance Measurements

Performance measurements of this prototype and other serverless platform was taken using a performance tool created to compare serverless offerings. Example performance measurements are available there, and in the paper linked above.

Getting Started

Coming soon :)