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This repository contains benchmarks to compare the performance of outbound HTTP requests with non-reused connections (Node's default behavior) versus reusing connections with HTTP Keep-Alive.

Install Depedencies


Run Benchmarks

First set the TARGET, COUNT, and COUNCURRENCY variables in keep-alive-off.js and keep-alive-on.js.

Then, run the benchmarks.

node keep-alive-off.js
node keep-alive-on.js

Generating a Flamegraph

To profile CPU utilization and generate a flamegraph (introduction to flamegraphs), first generate a v8.log, then run it through the flamebearer tool.

Install flamebearer

yarn global add flamebearer

Generate a v8.log

node --prof --trace-ic --track_gc_object_stats --trace_gc_verbose --log_timer_events keep-alive-off.js

Generate a flamegraph

node --prof-process --preprocess -j isolate*.log | flamebearer
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