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The change log was generated from the git commit titles and grouped by type of commit or task completed with the commit. They are not in any particular order. If you'd like to see the contents of the commits please take a look at the git log! The major highlights of the first release include:

  • Initial release of ds
  • Initial release of ticket
  • Initial release of hooked

Have fun taking the initial release out for a spin!

Added Features

  • Make hooked and dev-suite git hooks cross platform
  • Add the ability to install dev-suite to ds tool
  • Add the ability to assign users to tickets
  • Switch from termion to crossterm for tui
  • Upgrade tui to allow commenting from it
  • Add the ability to add comments to tickets
  • Extend ds with config subcommand
  • Create configamajig to handle dev-suite configs
  • Upgrade ticket format from V0 to V1 to use UUIDs
  • Add a tui for ticket
  • Add logging output to ticket
  • Add logging output to hooked
  • Create dev-suite tool to orchestrate tooling
  • Add 'hooked init' test
  • Add hooked and empty inited hooks from the tool
  • Add ticket functionality to dev-suite (#3)

Bug Fixes

  • Change ticket tui to fix thread panic on Windows
  • Fix init logic for ds init

Chores and refactors

  • Cleanup ds install and format hooked properly
  • Update reqwest and create a release profile
  • Make the toolchain use the latest stable rustc
  • Add licenses for dependencies to the project
  • Add a repo config and set self as maintainer
  • Refactor ticket to use common methods
  • Change pre-commit hook so that it works in fish
  • Upgrade Rust from 1.39 to 1.40
  • License all code under GPL-3.0
  • Make the pre-commit script pedantic and fix errors
  • Add commit message linting hook to the repo
  • Remove GitHub actions now that git hooks exist
  • Fix formatting and add checks to pre-commit hook
  • Setup CI for dev-suite (#1)
  • Initialize the dev-suite repo
  • Change ticket/Cargo.toml to use non * versions
  • Bump anyhow from 1.0.19 to 1.0.22
  • Move find_root function into the new shared crate
  • Setup the website skeleton with the kube theme


  • Create ticket 'Create a tui for ticket'
  • Close 'Create a tui for ticket'
  • Create a ticket for a find_root function
  • Add tickets to the repo