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👋 Who am I?

I'm Michael and I love Rust if you didn't know. I also love developer tooling and working on things that bring about change for the benefit of the many, not just the few who can afford it. When I'm not doing that I'm consuming large quantities of Manga/Anime and hanging out with my cute pitbull Bukka.

🐕 Bukka

I just want you to see my good boy. I mean do you see how cute he is?

Same dude

— 10xEngiNier: Automata (@mgattozzi) January 22, 2021

✍🏻 Blog Posts You can find my blog here but I have a few posts that I think are worth your time:

  • Oxidizing the technical interview: by far my most popular article that made it to places I wish it hadn't like the front page of Hacker News! If you want a laugh and to curl up in terror about Rust it's worth a read!
  • Rust and it's Orphan Rules: Rust has rules that unfortunately were not made to be broken. It includes some possible solutions if you run into issues
  • Package Managers for Programmers: Theory, Design, and Tradeoffs: I think package managers are cool but I don't think everyone understands how their versions are chosen and this post dives into the theory in an accessible way because CS doesn't need to be hard.

📰 The Monthly Oxide I have a monthly newsletter you might like where I write a medium form post (too long for twitter, too short for the blog) about something in Rust, for example my first post was on traits, as well as links for interesting projects and posts I found in the past month. If that's your jam consider subscribing!

📱 Contact

  • Send me a Twitter DM, they're open
  • Email Me

You can follow me on these accounts:

That's pretty much it. Also here on GitHub, but I deleted most of my social media and my LinkedIn as they provided no benefit to me.


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