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A jquery plugin that allows you to easily create Pinterest style grid layouts.
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REQUIREMENTS - Be sure to include these files above jquery.pingrid :


PinGrid is a simple Pinterest Inspired jQuery plugin for rendering html dom elements in a html dom container elements in the vertically staggered Pinterest style.

First you need a container element that has a width, and position:[relative|absolute].

  #container {
    border:1px solid #000;

<div id="container"></div>

Next, you will need the elements that will be placed in your container. If the elements are pre-rendered in your container, you can simply set:

 var boxes = $(".<element-class>",".<container-class>")

In the example below, we generate random box elements in a for loop for demo purposes.

//generate random boxes
var boxes = [];
for(var i=0; i<50; i++) {
  var newBox = $("<div></div>");
    border: "1px solid #ccc",
    height: (Math.round((Math.random()*100)) + 100)+"px" //random height

Once things are in place, you can initialize pingrid as follows

// initialize pingrid
  colPadLeft: 4,
  colPadRight: 4,
  boxMarginTop: 8

Here is a list of initialization parameters that can be included:

  • numCols: //The number of columns you want your grid to have, default:4
  • colPadLeft: //Pixel padding to the left of each column, default:4px
  • colPadRight: //Pixel padding to the right of each column, default:4px
  • boxMarginTop: //Top pixel padding for each box elemenet in the container, default:8px

Now, simply add your first set of elements to the grid. NOTE: The elements you are adding MUST be in an array.

//add elements to the grid
$("#container").pinGrid("append", {collection:boxes});

 You can continue to add elements to the pingrid by making subsequent calls to append, just as you did the first time.

See it in Action!

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