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GBA BIOS Dumping Tool

This utility dumps the GBA BIOS by jumping directly into the CpuFastSet
routine in the BIOS, bypassing the region check, and then copying the BIOS
into a flashcart's SRAM.

For demonstration purposes a black-box approach is also included that works
without knowledge of where the CpuFastSet routine is in memory. However,
due to timing concerns it doesn't always dump properly the first time it
tries and runs the checksum to try again if needed.

The expected output is a 16kiB file, with different checksums based on device.
Below are the CPU models and checksums of the expected output, using both the
BIOS's builtin checksumming method, and SHA-256.

Model #  CPU Type     Checksum  SHA-256
AGB-001  CPU AGB A    BAAE187F  fd2547724b505f487e6dcb29ec2ecff3af35a841a77ab2e85fd87350abd36570
AGS-001  CPU AGB B E  BAAE187F  fd2547724b505f487e6dcb29ec2ecff3af35a841a77ab2e85fd87350abd36570
AGS-101  CPU AGB B E  BAAE187F  fd2547724b505f487e6dcb29ec2ecff3af35a841a77ab2e85fd87350abd36570
OXY-001  CPU AGB E    BAAE187F  fd2547724b505f487e6dcb29ec2ecff3af35a841a77ab2e85fd87350abd36570
DOL-017  CPU AGB A    BAAE187F? fd2547724b505f487e6dcb29ec2ecff3af35a841a77ab2e85fd87350abd36570?
NTR-001  CPU NTR      BAAE1880  782eb3894237ec6aa411b78ffee19078bacf10413856d33cda10b44fd9c2856b
USG-001  CPU NTR B    BAAE1880  782eb3894237ec6aa411b78ffee19078bacf10413856d33cda10b44fd9c2856b
CTR-001  CPU CTR      BAAE1880? 782eb3894237ec6aa411b78ffee19078bacf10413856d33cda10b44fd9c2856b?
SPR-001  CPU CTR A    BAAE1880? 782eb3894237ec6aa411b78ffee19078bacf10413856d33cda10b44fd9c2856b?
FTR-001  CPU CTR B?   BAAE1880? 782eb3894237ec6aa411b78ffee19078bacf10413856d33cda10b44fd9c2856b?
KTR-001  CPU LGR A    BAAE1880? 782eb3894237ec6aa411b78ffee19078bacf10413856d33cda10b44fd9c2856b?
RED-001  CPU LGR A    BAAE1880  782eb3894237ec6aa411b78ffee19078bacf10413856d33cda10b44fd9c2856b
JAN-001? CPU LGR B?   BAAE1880? 782eb3894237ec6aa411b78ffee19078bacf10413856d33cda10b44fd9c2856b?