Minor layer issue in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror intro #532

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SuperrSonic commented Feb 24, 2017

After the intro stage a small cutscene plays:
Taken from VBA-M.

But in mGBA the star graphic behind the mirror can be seen before the mirror breaks.
kirby and the amazing mirrors3

State before the cutscene.
kirby and the amazing mirrors1

Per the category:needs hw testing tag, I tried this out (on a DS Lite). I can confirm the correct behavior is as shown in SuperrSonic's GIF of VBA-M. In mGBA, part of the mirror becomes translucent during the flashing screen effects, making the background's archway clearly visible where it should be blocked by the (opaque) mirror.

To supplement SuperrSonic's screenshot of the error in mGBA, here's a GIF of mGBA's behavior.


endrift commented Sep 20, 2017

Can you confirm that the mirror and dark Meta Knight are brightened during the flash on hardware, and not just plainly visible during? Fixing that could be a major pain for me, and everything I know about the GBA's video hardware tells me they should be.

@endrift endrift closed this in f1d6470 Sep 20, 2017


endrift commented Sep 20, 2017

...that commit message is wrong.

Regardless, I'm pretty sure that hack is still wrong, so let me know if you find anything else.

Unfortunately (for you), yeah, I can confirm that Dark Meta Knight and the mirror are both brightened along with the rest of the scene. The whole screen is turned white during his attacks.

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