GameShark Save Import Not Working #658

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wildgoosespeeder commented Apr 13, 2017 edited

I doubt this is mGBA's fault because this also happens in a 2004 version of VisualBoyAdvance and the current VBA-M release, even with vba-over.ini present and modified to account for the three Donkey Kong Country GBA games. I'm just trying to find answers why certain *.sps files don't take effect. I've had some successes and some failures with this import feature. I am having issues importing a GameShark Save for Donkey Kong Country 3 from GameFAQs. I go to the file select screen in-game after importing and I see no 101% saves. All slots are blank. Is there something wrong with the decoding algorithm in all three GBA emulators or are saves a pain in the butt (which has been an issue from the start of GBA emulation)?


endrift commented Apr 13, 2017

Please link to the GameShark Save you're using.

wildgoosespeeder commented Apr 13, 2017 edited

So quick and linked!


endrift commented Apr 14, 2017

The save looks valid. I'll investigate at some point.

endrift added this to the 0.6.0 milestone Apr 14, 2017

Would you like to know what other GameShark saves I tried? It isn't unique to Donkey Kong Country GBA game saves.

endrift closed this in ae38726 Jun 14, 2017


endrift commented Jun 14, 2017

Should be fixed now.

wildgoosespeeder commented Jun 14, 2017 edited

Once the nightlies section of downloads updates on your website, I hope to test this for myself. It's still on a4faf9f. Thanks for the update.


endrift commented Jun 14, 2017

That's odd. I'll look into why.

wildgoosespeeder commented Jun 18, 2017 edited

I think it's now fixed because it is now 0f356a9 instead of a4faf9f. I can confirm that the same successfully imported! Thanks for the bugfix!

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