Updated Aug 12, 2017

Qt frontend for mGBA.

Code lives mostly on master.


Updated Jan 15, 2018

Support for scripting languages within mGBA.

Code lives mostly on master.


Updated Jan 31, 2018

A common UI framework for use in ports to non-GUI platforms, such as the Wii, Vita, and 3DS.

Code lives mostly on master.

Debug Suite

Updated Dec 29, 2017

Advanced debugging tools, not all of which are implemented yet.

Code lives mostly on master.


Updated Sep 1, 2017

HLE emulation of Music Player 2000 audio engine, to allow for higher quality mixing.

Code lives at endrift/feature/m4a.

Netplay (mNP)

Updated May 7, 2017

Netplay support, in progress. Will allow linking between instances over the network, and eventually Orca (Dolphin integration).

Code lives at endrift/feature/np


Updated Jan 15, 2018

Upcoming DS support.

Code lives at mgba-emu/medusa.

Input Revamp

Updated Feb 14, 2018

The current input mapping system is clunky and not extensible. It needs to be replaced with a more usable, extensible version.

Code lives at endrift/feature/input-revamp.