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A library to access the API of the service
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PHP Stripe Library

Recently I received an invitation for, is a fantastic payment gateway/processor service. Their main focus, as far as I can tell at least, is precisely developers and they have a pretty amazing API and several languages bindigs.

The PHP binding however was a little bit too complex for me and adding 13 additional files to the project just to access the service is not ideal, so, I decided to came up with this library.


The main idea here is to be as simple as possible, basically you just instantiate the library and execute any of the methods in it, I've implemented all the public API methods available for the moment.

// Configuration options
$config['stripe_key_test_public']         = '';
$config['stripe_key_test_secret']         = '';
$config['stripe_key_live_public']         = '';
$config['stripe_key_live_secret']         = '';
$config['stripe_test_mode']               = TRUE;
$config['stripe_verify_ssl']              = FALSE;

// Create the library object
$stripe = new Stripe( $config );

// Run the required operations
echo $stripe->customer_list();

That's it! Have fun.


Oh by the way! This library is completely functional as standalone but I developed it as a Codeigniter library, to use it that way you simply create a config file in: {APPLICATION}/config/stripe.php to store the config array. Then is just the usual deal that you already know and love!

$this->load->library( 'stripe' );
echo $this->stripe->customer_list();
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