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E-mail library for lithium framework that uses Swiftmailer
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Lithium library for sending emails uising Swiftmailer. It contains a class that allow us to send e-mails using template files, read usage for more information.

Swiftmailer version: 4.1.1


To enable the library add the following line at the end of app/config/bootstrap/libraries.php:


From here on you can access all Swiftmailer classes and create your e-mails by yourself, read the Swiftmailer docs, or you can use the li3_swifter\extensions\Swifter class.

We can add global configurations to the Swifter class when adding the library. It's useful when setting smtp configurations that's used in several locations.

Libraries::add('li3_swifter', array(
    'from' => array('my@mail.tld' => 'My Name'),
    'to' => 'foo@bar.tld', // Useful if all e-mails is for you (contact form)
    'host' => '',
    'port' => 25,
    'username' => 'your_username',
    'password' => 'your_password',

E-mail transports

$boolean = Swifter::mail(array $options);
$boolean = Swifter::smtp(array $options);


The $options array supports the following items:

$options = array(
    'from' => array('my@mail.tld' => 'My Name'),
    'to' => array('foo@bar.tld', 'bar@foo.tld'),
    'cc' => false,
    'bcc' => false,
    'subject' => '',

    // Content body if not using template
    'body' => '',

    // Template to use
    'template' => false,

    // Data to be available in the template ($subject is added automatically)
    'data' => array(),

If we've not set smtp configurations when adding the library, or need to use other configurations, we can add them to the $options array in Swifter::smtp.

$options = array(
    'host' => '',
    'port' => 25,
    'username' => null,
    'password' => null,


Quickly send an e-mail without a template:

use li3_swifter\extensions\Swifter;

    'from' => array('my@email.tld' => 'My Name'),
    'to' => 'foo@bar',
    'body' => 'This is the content body'

Send a quick e-mail using a mail template:

use li3_swifter\extensions\Swifter;

$to = 'foo@bar';

    'from' => array('my@email.tld' => 'My Name'),
    'to' => $to,
    'template' => 'emails/welcome',
    'data' => array('to' => $to),

// 'views/emails/welcome.mail.php'
    <h1>E-mail sent to: <?=$to ?></h1>
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