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Devtools VNC

This repository contains chrome extension and server which can be used for embedding VNC client inside your chrome devtools.




Install the extension

In order to install the chrome extension:

  1. Visit chrome://extensions
  2. Enable Developer mode
  3. Click on Load unpacked extension... and navigate to the extension directory (./chrome-extension)
  4. Click Select

When you finish with these steps open Chrome Devtools, you should see new tab named VNC Client.

Install the server

In order to install the server use:

cd server
npm install
npm i git+ --save

All dependencies for the server are now resolved. For running the server execute:

node index.js

Now in the form in the VNC Client tab enter hostname, port and password of valid VNC server, after that click Connect.


  1. Only vnc security type is supported
  2. Only raw format of the rectangles is supported


This software is distributed under the terms of the MIT.